Lightning Pay

Mobile Payment Technology

No PARCS equipment or app downloads required. Simply scan a QR code and pay directly from a mobile payment site.


Strikingly Simple!

Capture All Revenue

Capture all revenue when parkers pay on a mobile device through a fast and tightly integrated process.

Customized Rate Engine

Lightning Pay allows customization for virtually any rate structure observed in markets across the country.

Lightning Pay Mobile Mockup

Scan-To-Pay Technology

Scannable QR codes direct parkers to a mobile payment site to complete the transaction –no app download required.

Eliminate Pay-on-Foot Kiosks

Skip pay-on-foot kiosks, PARCS equipment, and monthly leasing fees with Lightning Pay’s touchless payment experience.

Mobile Payment

Streamlined Parking Experience

Our gateless parking system reliably generates revenue ands implifies the guest experience by eliminating wait lines, paper tickets, and payment kiosks.

QR Code Scan

Zero Capital Expense

Simple QR code technology replaces parking equipment, effectively monetizing your parking facility without traditional capital expenses.

Money Increase

Maximized Revenue

Manage an existing self-parking operation or introduce a paid-parking option to create a new, high-margin revenue stream.

Analytics Magnifying Glass

Data & Analytics

Gather real-time data on vehicle volume, revenue capture, and more to enhance management of your operation.

Lighting Pay sign and smartphone scanning the QR code on the sign

Payment Options

Cloudpark knows the importance of versatility. To meet the needs of all customers, we implement a system of contactless payment options, including scan-to-pay, QR codes, website reservations, prepaid payment, and license plate recognition.


Lightning Pay is specially designed to provide the best customer experience possible. With our proprietary technology, customers don’t need to return to their cars to pay meters; instead, they can focus on their outing and simply use their phones.

Josh Crain, Vice President of Technology, Propark

Joshua Crain

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